Karosseriewerkzeuge und Spezielwerkzeuge
Autobody repair and specialty tools
Von Steinbeis Str. 3
D-78476 Allensbach
Tel.: 0049 7533 2957
Fax: 0049 7533 4356

Welcome to Gmelin + Moll tool company.

Gmelin + Moll is one of the last companies selling autobody repair tools "Made in Germany". We are providing innovative solutions in automotive tools for almost 30 years now. 1980 Herman Gmelin started to manufacture pulling clamps and auxiliary tools. Due to the high quality many body shops in Europe bought the tools with increasing demand.

In 2001 Ernst Moll took over the company and continues to manufacture Gmelin Tools with all rights. Since then our target is still to provide our customers with high quality tools and expand your product portfolio with innovative solutions.


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